In the Cracks - A Series of Shadowrun Solo Campaigns

Glasgow - Unlocking the Gate, Scene 1
Favor for a Friend

July 2077

For a nice change, the Seattle sky was sunny and warm…if you could get past the layer of smog that obscured the blue skies above. As a result, the air quality in the city was abysmal and the humidity clung to everyone like a wet cloth.

Glasgow, known as Genise O’Hannah here, was busy putting away the laundered bedsheets that, despite being run through the drier, still felt damp from the air. The dehumidifiers and air purifiers were running full blast and still struggling to combat the summer air.

As she was putting the last batch of sheets away, there was a soft knocking at the door. “Hey, Genise… when you’re done, could you lend a hand in the kitchen? They’re preparing for the dinner rush and I’ve got my hands full with the oxygen cells at the moment.”

“Yeah of course! I’ll be right down.” Putting away the last of the laundry, Glasgow walked through the hostel. Not nearly as busy as it used to be in the early 60’s, the hostel still saw a lot of foot traffic. Since the ACHE was set up, most of the homeless were sealed away, but many squatters and poor families came through the evening mess. On days like today many elderly and sick came to use the oxygen booths to combat the poor air quality.

Walking through the cafeteria, Glasgow can’t help but roll her eyes at the people who dotted the cafeteria, using their commlinks from the cooled interior of the building in hopes of getting some free food.

“Genise! Could you help me out and get the batch of ‘Mr. Mexicasa’ from the freezer and starting it to thaw? Taco Tuesdays are one of our busiest nights…”

“Marci! What are you doing with your other pair of arms that you can’t handle this yourself?” Glasgow said with heavy sarcasm, teasing her loyal friend and doing as asked as well as a few other odds and ends she knows are next on the list.

“Har de har har…” Marci says in a complete deadpan, not looking up from her current task of preparing and seasoning rice. The brick of Mexican spiced soy is unappetizing in its frozen form, but Glasgow helps turn the brick of pseudo beef into something more appetizing. Once the food is ready, she starts to prep the cafeteria for the flow of foot traffic.

As the hungry masses start filtering in, one of the first people in the door is the fresh face of Zeyda, who makes eye contact from across the room, nods a hello and holds up a tall cup of black coffee with her name on it.

Letting out a string of profanities under her breath, but probably not quiet enough for Marci to miss, Glasgow gives Zeyda one of her unmistakable looks of “What the fuck are you doing here right now?!” Once she finishes her prep, and not a nano second sooner, she makes her way to the back of cafe to sit with her old “friend”. Marci spares Glasgow a sidelong glance with a quizzical look as she headed over to her fixer.

“Is this the real thing?” she asked, gesturing to the coffee cup.

Zeyda hands her the strong black beverage. “Of course it is… I wouldn’t show up here without it.”

“I caught word that Tyrell Thompson is in town, giving a guest lecture at U Dub. He’s one of the foremost experts on the Veil. I figured if someone might know how to get into the Tir, he would. Researched it for years. I figure you could swipe a copy of his research… open a few doors…”

“Uh huh…” Glasgow takes a sip of her gift. Wincing at the lack of temperature she waves a hand over the cup, her fingertips glowing ever so slightly and steam rose from the cup. She took another sip and sighed with satisfaction. “How much is this going to cost me, Z?”

“Cost? When I show up on your other life’s doorstep, I wouldn’t dare assign a dollar value to the information. I am hoping you might help me out with something while you’re at U Dub, though…”

“There it is! But that’s the currency I’d rather deal in,” Glasgow said with a chuckle. “What’s this you need help with? And please tell me you have a solid team for me! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I just can’t train anymore of your newbies while I’m working my personal interests. They slow me down and I can’t risk another fuck up.”

Raising his hands defensively, Zeyda smiles. “No newbies. I can get you whatever you’d like. What kind of support are you thinking of?”

“What I require is a physical specimen from the botany lab. Rumor has it that they have a living specimen of a divining lotus at the university on display. I’d really like to get my hands on it.”

“If that’s all, a competent decker would be nice, and an extra meat bod to go in with me in case shit hits the fan. But we know that never happens right?” Glasgow ended with a wink.

“Yes, our profession is totally devoid of curveballs…” Zeyda says, theatrically rolling his eyes. “I’ll get you a couple of competent bodies to help. Anything else you need?”

“It’s in town, so really I just need the details. What’s the time line? I have to cover my ass here.”

“Professor Thompson is in town for a week.”

“Then I have a couple days for the decker to do his job, and a couple days to spare,” Glasgow mused aloud. “Set me up a meeting with my team right away.”

“Will do. They’ll be in touch tonight. Need anything more from me?”

“I got your number if I think of anything.”

“Perfect. Enjoy the coffee. Sorry to intrude on your reality… but I hope it pans out for you.”

Glasgow holds Zeyda’s eyes for a little longer than the usual business relationship might, followed by a knowing nod of thanks for him thinking of her for the info, and the work. “The coffee you bring me is always worth your crashing my ‘real life’. Oh, just to clarify, you’re paying the extras right? I mean the bodies.”

“Yeah, they won’t know that this job is a personal favor. They know that there are two targets at the same location, but that’s all.”

“Ok cool. Shoot me a message when I can meet up with these professionals of yours.”

“Will do. You rest up as much as your charity work allows and they’ll be in touch tonight,” Zeyda threw her a wink and a salute before turning away and walking out the front door.

Glasgow walked through the kitchen sit out back to finish her coffee in relative peace. The usual homeless scavengers kept their distance as she savored her drink.

After a while, the door opened and Marci appeared in the doorway. “So… who was that…?”

“Who was who?” She did nothing to address the question, or move to engage in conversation.

“The cute guy who brought you that drink… does he have a brother?” she asked with a wink.

Glasgow smirked. “A brother huh? You want two of them? I’ll see if I can get you his comm number.”

“Hold up, you mean a guy who carries himself like that is single? What’s wrong with him, then?”

“I didn’t say he was single. I simply don’t want him, you can have him. And you can ask about his brother too, kinkster!”

“Sounds like there’s a story there…” Marci said, gleefully rubbing her hands together. She sat down beside Glasgow and reached into her pocket for a cigarette, but upon seeing Glasgow’s disapproving glance, she instead grabbed a NicoStim and took a dose of nicotine through the skin instead. “C’mon, spill… what’s the story? There’s gotta be something you can tell me…”

“Marci, remember that itsy bitsy Grey area of my life we don’t talk about?”

“Aw, come on, really? All right, fine. But if he has a brother, I have dibs, K?”

“All yours my dear… Hey! Speaking of that other life.. I’m going to be away for about a week give or take…”

“I always wonder what it is that you do… I won’t pry… and this is a volunteer position. I suspect your ‘real life’ is far more interesting than this one.” Marci said, as she stood up. “But dinner won’t make itself, so I guess I’d better get back at it.”

“I’ll be in in a sec. One sip of gold left in this cup and I’m all yours tonight, baby,” Glasgow said, throwing a mock flirtatious wink.

“It’ll be nice to have competent help for a change.” Marci said with a smirk before slipping back inside.

Draining her coffee, she re-entered the kitchen, “You’d better not be smack talking me! I’ve been home for weeks!”

Marci raised her hands defensively. “No attack meant. Most of the past few weeks, you’ve been put to work in other parts of the house and I’ve been saddled with Claire. I’m happy to have you.”

After a busy dinner rush, Glasgow flipped through the latest headlines regarding U-Dub, Tyrell Thompson and the Divining Lotus Zeyda was after. University of Washington is trying to up their magic game, hence the guest lecturer and the travelling parabotany exhibit. Thompson is an Azanian professor currently stationed in Edinburgh to further his research on the Veil. Officials in the Tir are pissed and working to block his research, which usually means that he’s on the right track.

The Divining Lotus is a very rare specimen. They are not allowed to be removed from India, as they are sacred, so the fact that one is part of a tour is drawing a lot of attention. It is guarded at all times, though visitors (for a fee) can interact with the flower. Rumour has it that the pink flower has one white and one black petal at 180 degrees from each other. When asked a yes-or-no question, the plant will turn on the water so that either the white (yes) or black (no) petals face the asker. It is also rumoured to be eerily accurate.

Rubbing her eyes after reading several thaumaturgical journals on Thompson’s work, Glasgow noticed that she had a message left by one of the runners hired by Zeyda. “Hoi Glasgow. The name’s Gladius. Zeyda has pulled a few people in to help with this U-Dub job. Call me back and we’ll set up a time and place to meet.”

Glasgow shook her head and muttered to her herself. “I’d like a sample of this ridiculously rare, super popular, under scrutiny flower from both public and secret agencies here and abroad. Oh and since this guy is there, you can have a chat with him. I sometimes wonder if Zeyda ever actually ran in the shadows…”

Glasgow called Gladius back. “Hey Gladius, it’s Glasgow. Sorry I missed your message, I was doing some preliminary research. Where would you like to meet?”

Gladius, appearing as a Roman Centurion via icon, shrugged. “I don’t have any particular spots I tend to favor. How’s the Penumbra? Crowds are smaller and they cater to runners pretty well.”

Glasgow nodded. “Sounds good. Just after they open the doors, so we don’t have as many drunks to worry about.”

“Agreed. I’ll let Carmichael know as well. We’ll meet you there.”

Hollow - Chain of Custody, Scene 1
Running from Himself

July 2077

Hollow awoke with a start, the dream he has having fading away quickly.

_"Relax, Allen. We’re going to help you stop the voices…" the surgeon said, looming over his restrained body. As always, Allen couldn’t make out the face of the doctor, backlit by bright lights. “Of course, for this test to work, we need you to be conscious.”

The doctor held the scalpel over his right eye, close enough to feel the chill from the blade. “Now, tell me… can you tell me what the commlink on the table over there has on the screen when I do this?”_

The doctor stabbed the blade into his eye and his screams filled the room…

Hollow shook the dream off with a shudder.

“Ah, good morning, sir!” his virtual assistant greeted him as he awoke. “I see you managed to get nearly six hours last night. You definitely seem to be sleeping better. Is there anything I can prepare for you this morning? A soykaf, perhaps?”

Hollow slouched back into his bed. “No Jeeves, no soykaf.”

I’m not fine. I’m going crazy. I cant sleep at the best of times and now I’m scared to.

Hollow shut his eyes and let the Matrix in…checking for messages, notes, anything to take his mind off of the nightmares.

Oblivious to his owner’s state of mind, Jeeves smiled and bowed. “Very good, sir. If you change your mind, I’ll be here.”

Flipping through the handful of messages in his account reveals little of note. Letting his mind go slightly out of focus, he starts to pick out the local Matrix traffic to let the local traffic drown out the nightmare.

Letting himself drift with the current, Hollow found the noise soothing this morning.

The morning Matrix traffic buffeted his mind like a storm, with traffic flying in all directions, even with the usual spam filters in place. Business calls already filled the morning air, dotted with transmissions of calling in sick (some legit, others less so). Some of the usual domestics going out, people wishing their loved ones to have a good day, others spewing hate, while others still arranging for their affair that they’ve carefully arranged.

The constant chatter of the hordes of drones that fill the air, fill the streets with a constant hum. Add in the commlinks, the social media chatter, the billboards, the cars… and the world becomes a din. While deafening to most, to people like Hollow the noise is a reminder that the world thrives and it soothes the mind. The knowledge that a whole other world dwells within that noise, that most people rarely scratch the surface of… it’s a secret world that the whole world knows of, but fails to understand.

Save for a select few.

Deckers think they understand. They understand a lot, but they don’t see that world for how it truly is.

Not like Hollow.

After a while, Hollow’s focus receded back into his own body. Lying in bed a few moments more before getting up, Hollow reluctantly rose, made himself a basic breakfast and went out for a run. Despite the poor air quality, he forces himself to complete the circuit before returning home. The last few missions had been labor intensive and Hollow felt he had been woefully inadequate physically. He had tried going to a gym but only succeeded in being intimidated to the point of humiliation.

He called it a one hour run. What it was, was a 20 minute jog, followed by 10 minutes panting against a brick wall, followed by him walking the rest of the route. It may sound pathetic, but he always finished his route.

After his period of self-inflicted masochism, he returned home, had a shower and reclined in his work chair. It was really just a tacky flannel divan he had found out behind a furniture store, but he found it very comfortable and he could honestly tell others that he got up to go to work. Assuming a meditative position, Hollow tapped into the ether, filtering information, catching the news of the day and generally looking for work.

The news seems to be centred on some of the latest news coming out of the Megacorporate Audit… which corp is being thrown under the bus today, that sort of thing. Reports of armed conflict in Russia along the Yakut border and the usual crime splashes.

To that end, Judge is always happy to supply work to a hacker in need. As per usual, when it comes to freelancing, people like Hollow have the choice of whether they want to run solo, or support another team on the ground. Still shaken from his night, Hollow felt little anti-social this time around. Logging into the job board set up by the fixer, Hollow browses the solo jobs Judge was currently looking for talent for.

After browsing solo jobs for a few moments, an incoming call arrived in his PAN. The grinning facing of Judge appeared in his display. “Hey Hollow. Looking for some low-key digital work?”

“Yup. Whadda ya got?”

“Well, if you think you’d like to potentially get into the weeds, I have a line on a job running against the Triads. Any interest?”

“Sure. What needs to be done?”

Several tones in his ear tells him that Judge ramped up the encryption before continuing. “I have a client who wants someone to infiltrate the Triad network for the Eighty-Eights and discover where they are storing some recent… imports. They would like to know where they are so they can collect them. Then they want their system to have an unfortunate accident, so that they are too busy correcting their infrastructure to notice a few things going missing. Sound like something you can do?”

“I hope its a little more involving than the last one. Whatever happened to that dwarf girl we got on the trid? Not that I actually care about her. More of a morbid curiosity”

“Well, you’ll definitely be more involved, seeing as almost the entire run is virtual… as for the dwarf girl, I’m not 100% sure. I can look into it, if you’d like. "

“I can do that. Whats my take in this little caper?”

“It’s the digital equivalent to a smash and grab. The client is offering 4000¥.”

“You got a deal. I’ll get on it and alert you when I’m done.”

“Perfect. I’ll let the client know. The Eighty-Eights are out of Everett. I’ll get more details from the client about what they want stolen. Good hunting, Hollow.”


Hollow sprang from his divan and strode out of the apartment to a local diner. Nursing a soykaf, Hollow perused the local news feeds and archives for details pertaining to both the 88s and Everett.

Everything he found stated that the 88’s are a well known criminal organization in Everett. One of the more powerful and influential Triads in the city, they control the waterfront smuggling on the less-used port in the Northern metroplex.

With increased perceived power, comes increased conflict. The 88’s are not ones to shy away from violence and their penchants for drive-bys or smash-and-grabs are primarily what makes the news.

Not willing to do a deep dive into Everett from the noisy downtown core, Hollow books himself a commuter train ticket North to Everett and an out-of-the-way, middling hotel room just outside of the Triad’s turf. Boarding the next train, he sank into the crowd of commuters, disappearing into the northern city.

De Madera - Family Troubles, Scene 1
Nothing is Private

July 2077

The sun rises high over the Seattle skyline, casting a warm glow over the city. The sun battles the smog for supremacy over the skyscrapers of the Emerald City. The temperature is supposed to reach the mid-20’s today, which is a nice reprieve from how the weather has been of late. Warnings of humidex and air quality advisories populate the daily weather reports. But hey, it’s not raining.

De Madera forces himself out of bed about 11am and checks his commlink to see if he has any messages. Upon opening his commlink, the entire house seems to wake up. All the appliances report on their condition and all the usual news reports trickle into for the morning briefing. His virtual personality chimes in with a vaguely British accent.

“Good morning, sir. No new messages thus far this morning. Shall I put the coffee on?”

“Yes, extra strong. One milk, one sugar,” The Hispanic runner rubs his eyes and sits up and requests the news feed.

“Right away, sir,” the digital assistant nods before disappearing

As he hears the soykaf machine percolating, he browses through the news that your filters have selected. No significant news from back home and most of the local news are talks about the megacorporate audit.

One piece of news from the pirate networks does manage to grab his attention: a scandal in the Ciarniello family. Accompanying it are a lot of murmurs from the Finnegan camp about weakness and “reasserting order”.

De Madera steps out of bed and walks to the kitchen to grab his cup of soycaf, opening the Ciarniello article, intrigued and slightly concerned.

From an unofficial source, the article reads:

By: FamilyMan
The latest news out of the Seattle Mafia family is that Tommy Kilmannus, a Capo on the Tacoma waterfront has managed to leak important Ciarniello information to an outsider who is now threatening to sell that information to the highest bidder. Sources close to the Finnegan family are saying that if “Numbers” Ciarniello can’t keep his people quiet about their business, then it may fall to Dona O’Malley to ensure the waterfront business continue to runs smoothly. It has been several years since the last internal conflict within the Family and this conflict does not appear to have the momentum to create a new schism, though should the Finnegan’s make good on their threat to take over business on the Tacoma waterfront, the situation could escalate.

After pondering the article I text Santana Cruz. “Hey have you seen the news this morning?”

Santana responds with a video call, starting with his usual flourish. “Heeeey! De Madera! How’s it going, man?” He already has a tumbler of expensive tequila in his hand, despite the early hour, which tells the runner his morning has not started off strong.

When De Madera asks about the news article, Santana lets out a harsh whisper, “Mierda…” before turning back to the screen. “Christ, that news has already made the pirate broadcasts? Shit… I was really hoping it would stay relatively quiet. Yeah, I’ve heard it. What can I help you with?”

“So… it’s true. I though it might be gossip. Are you worried about the leak?”

“It is true, though we’re hoping that it will get regarded as hearsay for now. We don’t yet know how bad the leak is… typical of Tommy to get caught with his pants down…”

“Does Tommy know who it is?” De Madera asked, sipping his soycaf.

“I’m sure he does… some skirt he shacked up with.” Santana said with a shrug. "He’s not talking, partly out of shame and partly because of paranoia. He thinks she’s still watching him to ensure he doesn’t talk. "

“Shit if he’s that scared of someone, she must have something big on him.”

“If I’ve got a good enough read on him, I don’t think he knows exactly what she has on him. She gave him a wild ride and while he was snoring, she took… something. He’s worried she found something sensitive and she alludes that it is. But we aren’t certain.”

“So she could just be bluffing. Why not strong arm her and take it back? She’s just some chick right?”

“She could be bluffing, yes. If Tommy could remember what she looked like it would help narrow things down some… aside from being good in the sack, he can’t recall anything. We think she drugged him with something and is competent with computers, making her difficult to locate.”

“What a clusterfuck. This sounds like a runner job, amigo. Too well planned to be some girl he found off the street.”

“We’re definitely on the same page. The family hasn’t requested intervention, but I see this only getting worse from here. Think you can track this skirt down?”

“Yeah I can find her. I’ll see if she’s really just some resourceful chick or if she’s working for someone. God only knows what info she has and I don’t feel like being implicated I’m anything.”

“No worries, I’m the one hiring your services… If there are any implications for this, it’s on me. Of course, if you fix this, it looks good on me as well…” he says with a smile and a wink.

“Yeah yeah, I make you look good. Got it.” De Madera laughed. “I’ll let you know what I find. That’s if she doesn’t sell us all out and we end up in jail first.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. If she’s bluffing, then she’s messing with the wrong people. Which is why I suspect she’s not bluffing. You can tell Tommy I sent you, if you feel you need to talk to him.”

“Will do. You take care of yourself. Lay low a bit until I get some info. Just to be safe.”

“Laying low’s not my style, though I may find a lady friend to spend some time in a remote motel somewhere… if my network hears anything, I’ll pass it on.”

“That’s a good plan. See you soon amigo”

“Buena caza, mi amigo,” Santana says before disconnecting the call.

Making himself a quick, spartan breakfast of some toast and fruit, De Madera starts thinking about whether he wanted to talk to Tommy directly first or snoop around before he knows I’m onto anything. Thinking about the work that he’d done for Ciarniello in the past, he thought of a couple of places where he could start asking questions.

After some thought and checking availability for the time he would be able to arrive by, he opted to stop into the Sports Bar in the Southern city core. It was a well-known Mafia hub and he could catch the staff before it got too busy. Drunken men tend to confide in their bartenders and it was as good a place to start as any.

Sandcloud - First Task, Scene 1
Camp Recruitment

July 2077

The early morning sun is trying to break through the jungle canopy as the trees eagerly consume the first rays. The jungle floor is dark, but it hasn’t stopped the air from reaching the high thirties, even in the shade.

Regardless of the heat, the clan has started to stir, readying for the morning hunt. The pool that the clan drank from would be practically gone by high noon, so best to hydrate now to carry yourself until the afternoon rains.

Sandcloud stepped outside his den, stretched to work the morning kinks out and sat waiting for Graystripe to assign patrols.

After a groggy morning, the other cats file out into the clearing. Graystripe steps out onto the old stump in the heart of the clearing to look out over the assembled cats.

“All right everyone, listen for your name as I assign you for the daily patrols…”

Sandcloud listened for his name, but patrol after patrol was called out, but his name was not included. Finally, after all the patrols were assigned, Graystripe concluded with, “Sandcloud, report to ”/wikis/firestar" class=“wiki-page-link”> Firestar. He has something for your particular set of skills today."

“All right, thanks. " Sandcloud said with a nod. He walked toward the leader’s den, not wanting to waste any time.

Firestar’s den was set in an underground cave beneath two great trees, whose roots were woven into the cave walls. Bioluminescent plants clung to the walls, lighting the space with a faint green glow. When Sandcloud entered the room, he almost didn’t see the great cat curled up in the back of the cave.

Firestar rose up from his seated pose and turned toward the new arrival. The glowing plants caught in his eyes, magnifying the light there. “Ah, good morning Sandcloud. I suppose Greystripe sent you here. Good.”

Firestar morphed into his human form; a tan-skinned, red-haired muscular human. He unrolled a piece of blueprint paper and indicated images on the page.

“One of our scouts managed to liberate these documents from a local human encampment. Despite the restrictions placed on them by the local government, these people have been venturing into the jungle and cutting down trees removed from their main encampment to steal from the forest. I want you to go to the area where they’ve been said to be logging and if they are disturbing the forest, put a stop to it. Are you willing to investigate it for the clan?”

“Of course, Firestar! Always for the clan. I promised for a reason. "

“Fantastic. Will you need any of your clan mates to accompany you?”

“Two, I think. A tracker and a strong warrior. "

“Very well. I will leave it to you to select those you wish to join you. Graystripe will reallocate the patrols as needed. Be careful around the humans, as they may be armed.”

Nodding respectably, Sandcloud backed out of the den to find the cats he would bring with him, two cats already in mind. Finding Graystripe, he asked where he could find Tigerfur and Cloudtail.

Graystripe looks up at Sandcloud and offers a kind smile. “Tigerfur is probably at the watering hole. Cloudtail is getting in morning exercise, I think.”

“Great, thanks. " Sandcloud left camp heading for the watering hole to get his son, and perhaps he’d find Cloudtail on the way.

Crossing the clearing, the relative calm of the clearing gave way to the noise of the jungle. The chirping of countless birds, the hum of insects and the wind blowing through the canopy pervaded the air and the heady scent of plant life filled his nostrils.

“Hey Sandcloud!” he heard from above. Looking up, Cloudtail was up in the tree, his paw holding the body of a caught monkey. “Managed to catch that monkey that was bothering us yesterday. Might finally get some peace.” He smiled broadly at his kill.

“Nice! I need your help. Two-legs have been cutting down trees and Firestar has asked me to stop them. I’m off to get Tigerfur.”

“Sounds good! Let me drop this prey off back at the camp and I’ll meet you both at the watering hole.”

“Great. " Sandcloud meowed, nodding to the white Tom. Turning around, Sandcloud continued toward the watering hole.

The watering hole is a place that collects the rainwater that pours down from the canopy. While the bugs enjoy the spot as well, it’s the best place in the camp to find fresh water without going to the nearest river.

There are a few cats here, but in that moment, he could not see Tigerfur.

As he stepped closer to the water’s edge, he heard a faint rustling from above. Sandcloud dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding Tigerfur’s pounce.

Tigerfur turned to look at his father with a goofy grin. “Almost got you that time. One day, I’ll sneak up on you…”

“Or maybe I’m just to quick for you. " Sandcloud playfully challenged. “In any case, I need your help. Cloudtail and I are going to see what the Two-legs are doing in our territory and Firestar says that they seam to be cutting down trees, and he’s sent me to stop them. Are you willing to come?”

“Yeah, I’m willing to come! How are we going to stop them?” After a brief pause, he let a sly smirk cross his face. “You think you’re faster than me, do you?” Tigerfur retorted, lunging for his father in a playful tackle.

Tigerfur catches his father off guard and knocks him down, pinning him to the ground. “Heh. See! Told ya!”

He gets off of Sandcloud just as Cloudtail enters the area. “Hey there!… Did I miss something?”

“No, not anything that important. Are we ready to go?”

“Ready when you are,” Cloudtail nodded.

“Definitely ready now…” Tigerfur said with a wink. “Where are we headed?”

With his hunting party gathered, Sandcloud said, “Okay, we should head back to Firestar so he knows you are unavailable for the time being and so I can see the map that he has. "

With his entourage in tow, the cats returned to the clan leader’s cave.

“Ah, you’ve got your group together. That’s good. I’ll have Graystripe redistribute the duty roster for the patrols to reflect your team. Now, after reading through the human plans, they have gone into the deep jungle… a place the humans don’t typically go, as the jungle is thick and not particularly kind. Head toward the rising sun to where the monkeys no longer go. Look for signs of two-leg presence and if they have been working there, put an end to it. Ensure that no one wishes to return.”

Sandcloud nodded. "Okay, we’re on it. I’m not sure when we’ll be back, but hopefully tomorrow. "

Firestar offered a smile and looked over the three assembled cats. “Best of luck. Good hunting.”

Dipping his head, Sandcloud retreated from the cave and headed out of camp.

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